Ideal Places To Live In Canada

Canada is a gigantic country with vast expanses of wilderness and provinces that tend to be very different from each other in terms of landscapes and culture. If you have been looking for the best places to live in Canada, the search can easily become overwhelming. After all, every region has something awesome to offer visitors and potential residents.

To make your search easier, here are the 12 best places to live in Canada, as well as the reasons why each one is unique:

1. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal is an attractive and charming city and one of the gastronomic and cultural centers of the country. Many Canadians and foreigners agree that the charm of Montreal is not only projected towards tourists — it is also a fantastic place to live. With low crime rates compared to other major Canadian cities, it’s relatively safe. In addition, the cost of living here is somewhat lower than in other metropolises, such as Toronto and Vancouver.

One of the best things about living in this beautiful city is the abundance of day trips outside of Montreal. Picturesque French Canadian cities, relaxing Nordic spas and numerous national and provincial parks are just far enough from the city to feel like a break from the hustle and bustle without requiring a full day of travel to get there.

2. Quebec City, Quebec

You may have already read all about the variety of things to do in Quebec City in this guide, so it’s no surprise that this historic city is on the list of the best places to live in Canada. With tons of green spaces, hundreds of kilometers of bike paths and the Montmorency Falls waterfall and Park just a few minutes away, Quebec City perfectly combines Old World charm and natural beauty.

Residents love the quality of life here. Numerous museums, historical sites, gastronomic treasures and views of the shores give a sense of adventure. On top of that, the cost of living is among the lowest in major cities in Canada. Quebec City is also ranked among the safest.

3. Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you don’t mind the long, freezing winters, Winnipeg could be the perfect place in Canada for you. It is a small town with a diverse and multicultural population, a low cost of living and many jobs. The average cost of a house in Winnipeg is much lower than the national average, which makes buying a house here more accessible than in other cities.

Winnipeg is famous for its love of the arts, offering visitors and residents a wide range of museums, theatres and galleries to enjoy. As the cultural centre of Manitoba, it is perfect for art lovers or even artists themselves. In addition, Winnipeg has a huge wellness culture, with awesome spas like the Thermëa Spa and many others.

4. Hecla Island, Manitoba

Hecla Island is one of the best summer destinations in Canada, so why not move there? This happy island, just a few hours from Winnipeg, is famous for its seemingly endless meadows, quiet parks and laid-back atmosphere.

If you can brave the freezing winters, the beautiful hot summers might be worth it. With stunning views of Lake Winnipeg and enchanting lighthouses, it’s perfect enough to never want to leave. It is small enough to feel like a village, but there is still a lot to do on the island of Hecla. From historical sites and outdoor spaces to wildlife viewing and boating, nature lovers will fall in love with this small island community.

5. Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Barrie is a small town with a surprisingly vibrant arts scene, with frequent festivals throughout the year. It’s only 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Toronto, but has a totally different feel. In addition, the cost of living is much lower in Barrie compared to the ultra-expensive Toronto. As one of the safest cities in Canada, it is a great choice for single women and families. There’s also a booming tech job market, so if you’re in the industry, it may be easier than ever to get a job here.

Even though Barrie was once the winter sports capital of Ontario, the city has slowly become a more four-season place, with public efforts to beautify its lakefront. Now you can enjoy the nearby ski slopes in winter and water sports on the lake in summer.

6. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

In addition to being an obvious choice for tourists, Ottawa is one of the best places to live in Canada due to its high quality of life, cleanliness and low crime rate. There are two major universities in Ottawa, which makes it a city full of young people. There is also a superb cultural diversity here, with more immigrants than most other major cities.

Ottawa is also a great choice for those who want to live in a city but also enjoy the outdoors. There you will find an abundance of bike paths, parks and green spaces throughout the city. There are also a handful of national and provincial parks nearby, at most a two-hour drive away.

However, all these amenities come at a price. The high quality of life also means a higher cost of living, so be prepared to spend more on living here than in other places.

7. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Along with Edmonton, Calgary is one of the most popular cities in Alberta for people looking to settle in Canada. Calgary is the largest city in the province, with more than 1.3 million inhabitants. You can expect a completely metropolitan atmosphere here, with tons of diversity. The cost of living in Calgary is slightly higher than the national average, mainly due to high real estate costs. Beyond that, however, the daily expenses are relatively low.

Don’t be fooled by the giant skyscrapers of downtown Calgary. This city still retains its Western roots and it doesn’t take long after leaving the metropolitan area to find yourself immersed in the natural beauty of Alberta.

8. Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver is a highly sought-after destination and one of the best places to live in Canada. Maybe the reason could be that the city has a perfectly balanced view of the mountain, the beach, the city and the forest? It’s no wonder so many people want to live here — it’s beautiful!

As one of Canada’s centers for art, music, technology, food and more, Vancouver has everything you can imagine, all in the same city. However, this is one of the most expensive cities to live in, and not only in Canada: the cost of rent, utilities and other items is higher than in most major cities in the world. If you can swing it, though, Vancouver is an awesome place to live. If you can’t, consider other smaller cities in Canada.

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